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What is Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching addresses the professional aspirations of the client. An individual in a leadership role has a responsibility to many people (shareholders, subordinates, the public, etc.). Because of this level of responsibility, the executive coach may suggest that the leader focuses on specific measurable outcomes as they impact their role in the business. For this coaching relationship, the measurement of success is directly related to the client’s professional achievements.

Executive coach services:

Executing Conflict-Resolution among diverse populations within organizations

Develop and design training programs on an array of issues and topics pertinent for progress

Training employees with the PeopleMap System to help build teamwork, communication, and leadership skills within organizations

Helping to improve work morale

Improving diversity & cultural competence

Creating stronger work relationships and communication

Organization planning

who is life coaching for?

Life Coaching is an experience that gives someone (the client) the opportunity to work with an accountability partner (the Life Coach) to help create or follow through on established goals. Through the coaching experience, it’s the aim that the process will help the client develop and identify skills that will help them be self-sustaining and successful in any of their endeavors. It’s also a journey into the client’s inner-self to discover who they are and what that can accomplish.

Individual life coaching services:

Discerning your purpose and meaning

Making realistic goals

Getting organized and structured

Working toward true fulfillment in life

Overcoming life obstacles