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Helping people achieve goals in their personal lives.
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What is Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching addresses the professional aspirations of the client. An individual in a leadership role has a responsibility to many people (shareholders, subordinates, the public, etc.). Because of this level of responsibility, the executive coach may suggest that the leader focuses on specific measurable outcomes as they impact their role in the business. For this coaching relationship, the measurement of success is directly related to the client’s professional achievements.

Who is Life Coaching for?

Life Coaching is an experience that gives someone (the client) the opportunity to work with an accountability partner (the Life Coach) to help create or follow through on established goals. Through the coaching experience, it’s the aim that the process will help the client develop and identify skills that will help them be self-sustaining and successful in any of their endeavors. It’s also a journey into the client’s inner-self to discover who they are and what that can accomplish.


“Dr. Green is my Life Coach and was there for me when no one else was in sight. He helped me get my life on track by helping me set realistic goals when I felt like they were far-fetched. I accomplished those goals while continuing to set more and more.  Although he didn’t make me the military soldier I am today, he definitely helped make the man who was stable enough to join and be successful as a soldier.

~J. Moore

“Dr. Green is the Life Coach I never I knew I needed and I’m sure several other people feel the same! He is always ready and eager to hear about my life situations; then, he always thoroughly examines it before suggesting anything at all. He serves as a great person to help sort out my own path, which I really appreciate.  He not only gives great advice, if needed, but he always follows up to see if the advice actually worked or if it needs to be tweaked.”

~M. Chase

“Dr. Green has been a very influential person to me. He has served as my Life Coach helping me figure out my plans after college using my talents, accomplishing my life-long goals and ironing out the best decisions to make as a working professional. He has to be one of the most helpful people I have met on my journey to greatness! I am grateful I got the opportunity to establish a connection with him.”

~L. Wells